Bulk Bag Unloader, Capacity: 2,000Kg

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Unit is a mild steel with stainless steel product contact parts hoist operated bulk bag unloader.
Capacity: 2,000Kg.
Unit is fitted with Demag 2000 Kg, 415-volt electric hoist with motorised travel, 4-way pneumatic bag massager.
The unit also has a pneumatically controlled product hopper fitted with stainless steel motorised 415-volt rotary valve on discharge and a pneumatic vibratory motor mounted on the hopper.
The unit also has load cells fitted but will require a digital display.
Bulk bag lifting attachment rated to 1450Kg.
The unit is fitted with pneumatic controls.
Designed to take 2,000Kg.
Overall footprint dimensions:Approx. 3500mm L x 1965mm W x 5020mm H.