Heat Shrink Tunnel/Sealer, Shrink Master

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Shrink Master

Unit is an automatic L-Bar sealer with shrink tunnel.
Infeed belt: 390mm W.
The MPI Shrink Master wrapping system is one of the most flexible forms of wrapping with easy setup for different sizes, no change parts required.

L-Bar Sealer:
Model: TY-701-1509 CE SJ.
Year: 2009.
415V, 3 phase 50Hz.
Amps: 10 Amps.

Shrink Tunnel:
Model: MI4025.
Year: 2009.
415V, 3 phase 50Hz.
Amps: 17 Amps.
Tunnel Dimensions: 400mm W x 280mm H.

The system supplied by MPI.
Previously used on confectionery products.
Overall Footprint of Line: 3700mm L x 1400mm W x 1600mm H.