Sludge Separator, Bilfinger, MID7

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System is a heavy-duty de-water screw conveyor complete with solids removal take away screw conveyor.

System consists of:

1 x Heavy duty stainless steel dewatering screw conveyor.
Dimensions: Tapered screw from 700mm to 300mm Dia x 5250mm L.
Auger is driven by a 1.1Kw, 415V heavy-duty gear motor.
Auger is fitted with a perforated stainless steel mesh screen section (approx 1800mm L).
Mesh Perforations: Approx 8mm Dia.

1 x Heavy duty solids take away screw conveyor.
Material: Stainless Steel Trough.
Spiral Auger Flight: Mild Steel.
Dimensions: 250mm Dia x 4450mm L.
Model No. MND25.
Auger is directly driven by a 1.1Kw, 415V gear motor.

The system was manufactured in 2015.
The system supplied with spare screen.