Stainless Steel Jacketed Mixing Tank, Capacity: 30,000Lt

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Toledo Engineering

Unit is a heavy-duty stainless steel dimple jacketed vertical mixing tank which is fitted with pot riveted stainless steel insulation (slightly damaged).
Capacity: 30,000Lt.
Dimension: 2650mm Dia x 6100mm H.
The unit was previously used as a specialised agitated fermentation vessel.
The tank has a dished top with centre mounted agitator driven by a Lightnin gearbox (13.96:1).
Output Speeds: Originally output speed 100/50RPM.
Motor: 75Kw, 415 Volt.
Tank is also fitted with a heavy-duty hinged manway.
The tank is fitted with internal mixing baffles & an access ladder.
The tank has a dished bottom with 75mm dia centre discharge fitted with a diaphragm valve.
Jacket Design Pressure: 120 PSI.
Jacket Test Pressure: 130 PSI.
Shell Design Pressure: 50 PSI.
Shell Test Pressure: 75 PSI.
The tank is supported by a steel skirt.
Overall Height: 10,600mm